UCI Human Resources Meditation



Mediation is a conciliatory process in which an acceptable third person or persons, with no decision-making authority or power to impose a resolution, intervenes in the conflict or dispute at the request of the participants, with the goal of supporting them to reach agreement. The mediator does not impose a decision and respects the parties’ rights to decide for themselves.

Participation in mediation offered by the UCI HR Mediation Program for Staff is voluntary on the part of the employee. Should the employee choose mediation a supervisor or manager, who is a party to the dispute or conflict, is strongly encouraged to attend the mediation and participate in good faith.

Agreement and settlement are entirely voluntary for all parties.

Facilitated Conversation

A facilitated conversation is an informal process where a member of HR, a line manager, or a Program mediator facilitates the communication between employees with the goal of supporting them in resolving their conflict, after having been contacted through the open-door option.

Conflict Coaching

Conflict Coaching is a one on one process that allows employees to receive empathy while developing an understanding of how to approach a conflict or challenging relationship on their own.


A referral in this context would be referrals to other offices and resources that are accessible to employees, for example the Employee Assistance Program, and the offices for filing complaints.