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Here’s how on-the-job experiences contribute to individual growth and development.

Formal Learning Other People On-the-Job Experience


Human Resources is an important and integral function that has a positive impact on UCI’s employees and culture. Our clients – leaders and employees – need proactive HR expertise that is current, relevant, strategic and timely. Our objective is to ensure that all HR staff develop and achieve their career aspirations while ensuring that UCI’s strategic goals are accomplished through talent strategies.

We offer a multitude of options for professional development. While the organization, leaders and employees are all responsible for employee development, the employee must take accountability for their own career and proactively manage their own career development.


Typically, these trainings are role-based or by nomination. Watch your email and this webpage for 2022 updates.


Here’s a list of some of the many resources available to you throughout your professional development journey.


UCI’s staff performance program includes casual one-on-one check-ins between you and your supervisor three times per year. Click here to access ACHIEVE and ACHIEVEonline.

External Professional Development Resources

Professional Associations, conferences and more. Click here to download development resources.

Gallup CliftonStrengths

Self-assessment instrument. A unique code has been provided to all HR staff. Contact Brooke Myers if you need your code resent. Click here to access Gallup CliftonStrengths.

Gartner, Gallup, Udemy and Coursera Resources

Self-service online resources and tools. Click below to access these valuable resources:

HR Innovation Day

An annual one-day event where all HR comes together to brainstorm, design and develop innovate ways to solve all types of issues.

HR Town Hall Meetings

Guest speakers, training topics, breakouts to learn from each other.

HR Virtual Career Open House

Launched in November 2021 this series of webinars was your chance to learn about what it’s like to work in 12 different HR functions. Slides and videos coming soon.

Individual Development Plan

Collaboration with your supervisor to discuss your development plan. Click here to download a development plan template.

UC Career Development Resource

The University of California provides various online career planning tools covering topics such as how to get started, job search, resume writing, your story, networking, researching, interviewing and beyond. View the My UC Career Benefit Overview PowerPoint Presentation here. Create or access your My UC Career account at yournextstep.com.



Individual Development Plan

Employee Role Graphic