UCI Human Resources Meditation


The UCI HR Mediation Program for Staff was created to support UCI staff in resolving conflicts at the earliest opportunity, and hopefully, before they escalate. The Program is not intended to bypass or supplant direct communication between employees or resort to other, more traditional, methods of dispute resolution such as intervention by managers or support from HR.

Direct Communication and Collaboration

The preferred method for dealing with conflict is direct communication between the employees involved in the conflict. All employees are expected to maintain productive interpersonal relationships and competently address and resolve disputes through direct collaboration.

Open Door and Facilitated Conversations

Where direct communication is not suitable, or the employees have concerns about their ability to resolve the conflict without assistance, they may approach their manager or Human Resources for support at any time (Open Door). When management or Human Resources are contacted about a problem or issue, they shall guard against toxic triangulation and restore direct communication between the employees by offering to facilitate a conversation to support the mutual resolution of their conflict.

Mediation and Other Conciliatory Support

At any time, but especially after making efforts to communicate directly and to collaborate, any UCI staff employee may approach the Program for support. Based on a short assessment of the situation the Program will offer one or a combination of the following services: