UCI Human Resources Meditation


HR’s fourth Innovation Day will be held February 1, 2024. HR Innovation Day is a full workday devoted to creating new ideas and systems that will help push beyond what we have traditionally done in HR and move us to the next level. With all the changes in the current workforce landscape, there is no better time for us to be innovative.

HR Innovation Day allows us to tap into our creativity. Our teams bring different insights and experiences to the table, and we are excited to see all co-workers' creativity come to life.


All co-workers are expected to participate. If you have a prior obligation that requires your participation, please let your supervisor know as soon as possible. Supervisors will work with leaders to determine how to best cover necessary business needs.


Teams will produce an idea to offer more self-service options in their unit. Ideas should leverage one or more of the following: use of AI, website updates/enhancements, or improvements to internal processes and/or workflow. All ideas should be realistic, include an implementation plan and specifically highlight the customer service enhancement your idea would realize.

You will work with co-workers in your department. Enterprise leaders will determine if larger departments/units need to be broken out based on job functions, etc.

Teams will enter their ideas into Bright People, Brilliant Solutions (BPBS) and team members will vote on the ideas they like the best Ideas receiving the most likes, comments and shares will move to the evaluation round, where the leadership team will review the most popular ideas and select finalists.

Four teams will be selected as finalists and will present their ideas at the All-HR Town Hall Meeting.