MERIT 2017

UCI will once again distribute increases to non-represented employees based on performance. The amount of the merit award will vary according to your performance contributions and cannot exceed the allocated budget.



1) Consistent merit criteria have been developed for all UCI employees – one set for individual contributors (non-supervisors) and one set for people managers (supervisors). Leaders across UCI will use consistent criteria to determine employee merit levels. This will increase transparency and help employees understand what leaders, managers, and supervisors will use to determine merit levels and improve consistency across the organization. (Read Merit Criteria for Individuals or Merit Criteria for People Managers)

2) The performance evaluation process will be “decoupled” from the merit process. The two will be dependent on one another, meaning supervisors will use employee performance and the merit criteria described above to determine employee merit levels and merit awards (when funding is available); however the two processes will occur separately. For 2017, performance reviews will be delivered in April at the campus and on anniversary dates at the medical center, and then merit awards will be communicated in June. This will do two things

  • It will eliminate the need for “mapping” of anticipated performance ratings to merit levels and merit awards.
  • It will prepare us for the new performance management program that will be implemented in July 2017 which eliminates the annual year-end review and performance ratings. See highlights below.

3) Streamlined communication and more in-person training will be provided.


Only employees who meet the following requirements will be eligible for a FY2017/18 merit increase:

  • Hold a non-represented career or partial year career appointment as of July 1, 2017
  • Completed their probationary period by July 1, 2017
  • Be on active status (or on approved leave) on July 1, 2017
  • Have a merit level of On Target Performer or above
  • Serve as a contract employee whose contract allows for a merit increase

New Performance Management
Program Coming Soon!

The UCI Performance Management Advisory Group has been busy reviewing research and new best practices in the field of performance management and advising UCI HR on a new performance management program. In November, a pilot program involving over 250 non-represented employees across the enterprise was launched. The new program is scheduled to be implemented across the enterprise in July 2017. More information to be released in May. Here are some highlights of the program:

  • Traditional “end-of-year” performance review will be replaced by frequent informal “check-ins”. This will allow supervisors to provide employees with regular coaching, mentoring and development.
  • Elimination of performance ratings.
  • New online technology will replace paper forms.

Merit 2016 Feedback Results

After the implementation of non-represented employee merit awards in July 2016, UCI Human Resources conducted two online surveys to gain feedback on the merit program – one for employees and one for supervisors. Two months later, focus groups were held to discuss survey findings in greater detail. Review feedback highlights and access survey results here.