UCI Health


In 2017, UCI Health employees took two surveys – the Employee Engagement Survey and the Culture of Safety Survey.

We learned four things. We need to:

  • 1Improve communication between leadership and employees.
  • 2Improve our change management processes.
  • 3Maintain or improve our pride in the UCI system.
  • 4Maintain or improve teamwork within units.

We also learned through the survey process that safety and engagement are intrinsically connected. Engaged employees have 70% fewer safety incidents than non-engaged employees.


How do we solve problems that affect safety and engagement? You tell us. We want YOU to bring the ideas – great and small – that will change our culture. We commit to read your ideas, thoroughly consider and discuss your ideas, and implement ideas that will make a difference.


It has been proven that engaged employees are safer employees. In fact, engaged employees have 70% fewer safety incidents than their non-engaged counterparts. 70%. That’s substantial. Therefore, it’s in everyone’s best interest to work on improving safety and engagement. They go hand-in-hand. And so do the Empowered to Make a Difference campaign and the existing UCI Health safety initiatives of Just Culture, Zero by 2020, Team STEPPS, and Crosswalks. Learn more about each of these initiatives by clicking here.

There are two things the Empowered campaign asks you to do

  • 1

    Empowered to Make a Difference asks all UCI Health teams to meet under the guidance of their team/unit/department leader and decide on a safety, quality or engagement goal, and enter that team goal into ACHIEVE online (choose the ‘safety’ goal type from the dropdown menu.) Your team goal can relate to:

    1. Any of the four existing safety initiatives – Just Culture, Zero by 2020, TeamSTEPPS, Crosswalks
    2. Ways to improve communication between leadership and employees
    3. Engagement in general
    4. Quality in general
  • 2

    Second, the Empowered campaign asks all staff – as individuals – to participate in Bright People, Brilliant Solutions, an online platform where you can submit ideas on how to improve issues related to the four areas of opportunity and strength identified by the Employee Engagement Survey and discussed at town halls in November and December 2017.

    Not only can you submit ideas, you can comment on other people’s ideas, share and like ideas. It’s a lot like one big brainstorming session to solve problems affecting all of us.

    All ideas will be read, and some ideas will be implemented. Be part of the solution. Log in now and start a conversation that matters.

A ‘Less Is More’ Idea from Maria Teider

Create a short note or flyer to make the message more appealing. For example, 5 things you may not know about your benefits.

An ‘Executives Have to Eat Too’ Idea from Felicia Byrant

It would be helpful if our C-Suite level leaders offered employees opportunities to engage with them directly, in a safe, non-confrontational, non-judgemental environment. This could include Lunch with Leadership sessions, where employees can meet one-on-one with leadership, and a confidential communication system/process between employees and leadership, where employees can express their comments, concerns or suggestions.