Staff Advocacy & Outreach Groups

Advisory Council on Campus Climate, Culture & Inclusion

To monitor and assess the campus climate and make recommendations to campus leadership for further improvement consistent with our values.

To be an active and trusted inclusionary body that connects with members of our community.

Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Staff

The Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Staff (CACS) is charged with advocating for staff by facilitating communication between staff and the chancellor, with the larger goal of promoting career development, mitigating problems and creating a positive work environment. Members are selected carefully so that they bring the skills, knowledge and experience necessary to the effectiveness of this active working group. Upon appointment to CACS, committee members select and become active in one of the CACS work groups. Committee members are expected to make every attempt to attend all meetings, and to limit their absences to no more than three meetings each year.


The Academic Business Officers Group is an organization of principal business and administrative officers at UC Irvine's campus and medical center who gather information about, provide input to, and comment about policies and practices affecting the operations of academic departments.


Staff Assembly is volunteer organization created by and for staff to promote the interests of all staff members. The organization bolsters communications between staff and UCI’s administration, and provides input on issues affecting staff. In addition, Staff Assembly:

  • Supports and develops activities which serve UCI, the community, and the University
  • Actively represent the interests of the staff
  • Serve as the official nominating body for staff appointments to
    administrative committees,
    search committees, and task forces
  • Participate actively on the Council of the University of California Staff Assemblies (CUCSA)

With few exceptions, all non-faculty employees at UCI are automatic members of Staff Assembly. There is no need to apply for membership, and membership is always free. Staff Assembly meets the second Thursday of each month, from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m. All staff are welcome to attend. Locations of the meetings vary, so please check the Staff Assembly website. []


Faculty and staff diversity affinity groups foster cross-departmental social interaction, professional networking, cultural competencies, recruiting and mentoring.  Diversity affinity groups also offer the UCI community at large an opportunity to consult with group members as an information resource. []


The Partnership for Strategy & Innovation is a strategic center for UCI Human Resources charged with providing assessment, insight and solutions to enterprise level issues. The Partnership will leverage the expertise within the local HR units – campus, medical center and health sciences – and work closely with key stakeholders throughout the enterprise and across the UC system.