Our 2017 Staff Engagement survey closed on September 5, and since then, the UCI and Gallup survey teams have been working diligently to prepare results and reports for your review and action. Now the truly important work begins; sharing our individual reports with our teams and developing action plans (impact plans) to improve engagement in our areas. This page provides useful post-survey resources to help you make the most of the survey results.



  • Oct. 17 Chancellor’s Cabinet Presentation –
    In-Person by Invitation
  • Oct. 18 College of Health Sciences Chief Administration
    Officers Presentation – In-Person by Invitation
  • Oct. 18 Medical Center Directors Council Presentation –
    In-Person by Invitation
  • Oct. 18 Medical Center Executive Leadership Team
    Presentation – In-Person by Invitation
  • Oct. 19 Academic Senior Managers Presentation –
    In-Person by Invitation
  • Oct. 25 Medical Center Leadership (Mgr/Supr) Forum




  • Feb. 28 Engagement Plans Due


What is it? The engagement planning process is a time for leaders to share employee engagement survey results with their team, have a dialogue about the results, and choose one opportunity for improvement to focus on in the coming year. The engagement planning session is a time to brainstorm ideas and develop an action plan as a team. An engagement plan should be used on an ongoing basis with follow-up to gauge success and adjust as necessary.

Why is it important? The impact planning process is the most critical piece of the engagement survey because it allows time for teams to communicate and work on areas needing improvement. Impact planning is important for several reasons:

  • Employees who participated in the survey deserve results
  • People are naturally curious about the results
  • Leaders have the opportunity to discuss the results and receive ideas and suggestion from others in order to fully understand the results
  • The process allows leaders to demonstrate a willingness to listen and respond
  • Leaders can show that they use feedback in a positive way
  • Team involvement in developing an engagement plan improves results

Engagement Planning Process Leaders will receive instructions and materials when they attend an engagement planning training session in November or December. Please reference the document “Creating an Impact Plan” during the engagement planning session with your team. You will begin the Engagement Planning process after you attend the training.

After discussing your survey results, you are ready to create an engagement plan with your team. Each team is expected to identify one engagement issue to work on throughout the year. You may document your engagement plan as one of your ACHIEVE goals. Alternatively, there is a place within Gallup Online to record your team’s engagement plan.

After completing the engagement training, if you have any questions regarding the engagement planning process, please contact your HR Business Partner.