Welcome to ACHIEVEonline


UCI HR is pleased to announce the launch of ACHIEVEonline, the new online performance system for non-represented employees. ACHIEVEonline allows employees and managers to plan, document and review progress toward goals easily and conveniently online. No more paper forms or manual processing. Managing employee performance has come a long way, and now UCI staff and leaders can be part of the advancement.


  • Aligns employee performance with manager’s expectations. Allows departments/units to cascade goals and provide a clear line of sight between UCI and/or their department/unit goals and individual performance.
  • Flexibility and agility. More frequent, dynamic feedback and interactions. Goals can be changed in response to business needs, and employees receive feedback continuously as issues arise. Employees benefit from real-time feedback and communication.
  • More innovative. Digital technologies are becoming a way of life.
  • Faster and more collaborative. Improves the process by eliminating the drudgery of completing paper forms and easily consolidates employee and manager feedback into one document.
  • Green. It’s more environmentally friendly to go paperless.
  • Completion rates increase. Automated reminders ensure both employees and managers are aware of deadlines, and reports allow administrators to track completion.
  • More to come! Additional capabilities of new online software will be implemented over time including development plans, and an overall organizational achievement calculation.


  • JUNE 01

    Summer Check-In Opens
    (covers performance between April and July)

  • JUNE 01 – AUGUST 31

    Employee and Manager Feedback Period

  • AUGUST 31

    Employee Self Check-in, Manager Check-in
    and Check-in Discussion Due

  • AUGUST 31

    Summer Check-in Closes