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This page provides information for UCI staff related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. This page is updated as new information becomes available. Please check back often.

STAFF HIRING GUIDELINES (Effective April 2, 2020)

While the effects of COVID-19 have been widespread and unprecedented, the UCI community has come together to demonstrate its unwavering commitment to the health, safety and security of our students, staff, faculty, and patients. While UC Irvine is still recruiting, we need to closely scrutinize our hiring, contract extensions, and other compensation actions. Deliberate and restrained hiring decisions will protect budgets and help retain our current employees.

To that end, hiring managers, HR partners, and Talent Acquisition are advised to utilize the following guidelines.


On May 18, 2020, President Napolitano instituted a systemwide freeze on salaries for policy-covered staff for the 2020-21 fiscal year. For UCI, the salary freeze will come in the form of no merit increases for our policy-covered (non-represented) colleagues in the 2020-21 fiscal year that begins July 1, 2020. All other salary changes for both represented and non-represented employees (e.g., equity adjustments, reclassifications, stipends, etc.), even those for which departments have delegation of authority to approve, will go to the Position Management Review Committee (PMRC) for review and approval.

All staff salary actions will require the completion of the applicable salary action request form and approval from the PMRC. Deans, vice chancellors, or associate chancellors will review requests and determine whether or not to endorse requests and move them forward for PMRC approval. This Salary Actions Approval Program applies to all campus units including the College of Health Sciences. UCI Health has a separate but similar process already in place. Departments should work with their HR Business Partners to submit salary action requests to the PMRC.


The Campus Position Management Program is effective April 2, 2020 and until further notice. This Program is not a hiring freeze as hiring and onboarding will continue and there will always be a path to filling critical positions. Instead, the Program employs changes that provide more financial protections and allow for greater strategic management of our resources. This is akin to the process already in place for campus-based academic appointments.


The Campus Position Management Program applies to all campus units including the College of Health Sciences. UCI Health is excluded, as a separate centralized process for reviewing and approving recruitment requests already exists.

All staff positions, except where exempted, will require the completion of a position request form and approval from the Position Management Review Committee (PMRC) before a recruitment can be opened.


The following position exemptions apply to the Campus Position Management Program, and do not require completion of the position request form or PMRC approval:

  • All staff positions where an offer has already been extended; and
  • Casual/restricted (student) positions; and
  • Temporary staff positions for appointment of six months or less.


Hiring Managers (or department contact) will complete the Position Request Form and submit to their division coordinator. Deans, vice chancellors, and associate chancellors will be responsible for deciding whether to advance a position request to the Position Management Review Committee (PMRC). All campus leadership is expected to closely scrutinize hiring, contract extensions, and other compensation actions. Deliberate and restrained hiring decisions will protect budgets and help retain our current employees.


The membership of the PMRC will include the following individuals:

  • Chief Financial Officer and Vice Chancellor for the Division of Finance and Administration
  • Associate Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
  • Associate Chancellor and Chief Human Resources Executive
  • Associate Dean of Finance and Clinical Operations for the College of Health Sciences

PRMC will meet every other week or more frequently as needed. Central Human Resources will staff the PMRC and will prepare the materials for review and consideration by the PMRC.


All staff positions, excluding the exempted positions listed above, will require approval from the Position Management Review Committee (PMRC). The following steps are to be taken to obtain approval:

  1. Upon vacancy of position, the Hiring Manager is to evaluate the need for the position. Considerations include:
    • Will a deferral in filling the position result in significant operation disruption or place compliance at risk?
    • Is the role mission critical and/or essential to operations?
    • Are there any qualified interim existing staff that could take on the additional duties?
    • Is this a permanent need or would temporary staffing address the need?
    • Has administrative processes recently been reviewed to ensure efficiency and application of “lean” principles?
  2. The Hiring Manager (or department contact) completes the Position Request Form. The Hiring Manager signs the form (wet signature, DocuSign, or pdf) and routes to their division coordinator.
  3. Division coordinator routes for consideration and approval by the dean, vice chancellor, or associate chancellor.
  4. Dean, vice chancellor, or associate chancellor reviews and scrutinizes request and determines whether to endorse the request and move it forward for PMRC approval. If endorsed, then the request moves forward. If not endorsed, notification of denial is provided to Hiring Manager.
    • If division endorsement is obtained, the division coordinator submits form via email to, with the subject line "PMRC Approval”.
  5. The local human resources office receives the request, confirms receipt of the request, reviews, and forwards to the appropriate HR Business Partner in central Human Resources for further review.
  6. The HR Business Partner will review the request and contact the local human resource office with any questions or concerns and will forward the request to the Position Management Review Committee (PMRC).
  7. PMRC reviews request and determines if the request is approved or denied.
  8. Central Human Resources will notify the Hiring Manager (or department contact) of approval or denial.


  • Conduct all candidate interviews via video conference or telephone
    • Zoom- Quick Start Guide
    • Skype for business- Enabled through your desktop applications
  • It is acceptable to make an offer based solely on video interviews with approval from leadership
  • Ensure interview panels are comfortable with the chosen technology for videoconferencing
  • For support and recommendations, please reach out to Talent Acquisition


  • Confirm Hire with Hiring Manager: As finalists are identified, confirm the following with the Hiring Manager:
    • The position is still approved
    • Budget funding is still available
    • Required equipment is available for the new employee to work offsite and onsite
    • Consider other potential outcomes (Provide an example if any)
  • Tentative Start Date
    • If the University wants to extend an offer of employment, consider incorporating language that gives the University flexibility regarding the start date. This should be used when filling noncritical positions and/or campus positions that may be impacted as the University transitions to distance learning.
  • Advise candidates that start dates may shift in response to COVID-19 related closures or restrictions
  • Rescinding Employment Offers
    • Consult with your Talent Acquisition Team and/or Human Resources Leadership and/or campus counsel to explore all available options before rescinding an accepted employment offer.


UCI Health and College of Health Sciences

  • The HR Centralized Onboarding team facilities the pre-employment processes remotely, including background check drug screening, scheduling Occupation Health pre-employment health physical and new hire paperwork.
  • If a candidate is unable to complete any of the pre-employment process that may affect the start date, hiring managers will be notified by their Talent Acquisition Recruiter.
  • New hires are still required to complete their Occupational Health pre-employment health physical, but if ill, should call their Manager and/or Talent Acquisition Recruiter and NOT attend the appointment.

Irvine Campus

  • The HR Centralized Onboarding team facilities the pre-employment processes remotely, including onboarding.
  • New hire will be notified in advance of any special instructions.
  • Employee hired remotely will need to present their I-9 documents in person once the campus resumes normal operations.


UCI Health and College of Health Sciences

  • All Medical Center employees will virtually attend our “Virtual” New Employee Orientation (NEO). It is still required to come in person for your ID Badge, parking and uniform fitting as required by position.
  • EPIC and any unit specific trainings are still required in-person; schedule and time are provide at the NEO.

Irvine Campus


Central Human Resources will serve as a resource for the Campus Position Management Program. Questions about this process should be directed to the appropriate HR Business Partner (

For general questions about the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding process, please contact Talent Acquisition or the Employee Experience Center (EEC) -